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Cape Mohair

Cape Mohair is a sock brand established in 1991 that initially focused on producing mohair socks for outdoor and sports enthusiasts. Over the years, they have expanded and invested in modern machinery and technology to offer a wide range of socks to meet various market needs. Despite their growth, Cape Mohair maintains a commitment to their small company ethos. They strive to provide technologically advanced socks that not only meet consumer demands but also contribute to job creation, support rural livelihoods, and have a minimal environmental footprint.

Brand: Cape Mohair

  • Cape Mohair Lightweight Thinner Medi Socks (3830)

    Step into a world of unmatched comfort and style with our Cape Mohair Lightweight Thinner Medi Socks. Designed to...

    R109,00 Select optionsQuick View
  • Cape Mohair Original Thicker Medi Socks (3809)

    Imagine slipping your feet into a world of absolute comfort and bliss every day. Our Cape Mohair Original Thicker...

    R169,99 Select optionsQuick View
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