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Inside Awerbuchs

Awerbuchs is one of Bloemfontein’s oldest businesses. The business was established in 1901 and has been operating for more than a century. It became an institution that served numerous families through their generations. From farmers, businessmen, and ministers depended on Awerbuchs for their apparel. The original Awerbuch, Meyer Awerbuch arrived from Litaue to South Africa in 1890.

Shortly after 1901 he started the business Awerbuch Bros. on the corner of Bastion- en Mantle street. The farmers would arrive early to sell their products on the market and then went to do their shopping once the doors had opened. In 1927, Meyer let his nephew, Sonny Mofsowitz, come from Litaue to join him in the business. Sonny started working in the shop at age 14. When Meyer Awerbuch passed away in 1942, Sonny bought the business and moved it to Fichardt Street where it had been situated until 2016. In 1948 Cecil Rabinowitz joined the Awerbuch family business.
Cecil said one of the reasons for the success of the business is due to its customer relationships. “Customers are like shareholders. We have staff members that have been with the business for more than thirty years. Some of our customers have been here through many generations and have grown up with the business.”

After a century under the management of the Awerbuch-Mofsowitz-family, the business was sold to the Grovè family. The Grovès strive towards keeping the family values, that make the business the success that it is today, alive. Client service has always been one of the cornerstones that Awerbuchs was built on and will continue to be one of the biggest elements in the business. As we strive to better an already great business, we are building a new family with new members too. All the existing staff is teaching the young ones their ways and how to be the best in the business. With the knowledge that stretches over 100 years, we can only better ourselves.

With a new beginning in a different part of Bloemfontein, we invite everyone into our family.

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