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Category: Shoes

  • Bova Econo Tuff 2.0 – Black

    Bid farewell to those clunky, heavy boots. The Bova Econo Tuff 2.0 shoes weigh only as much as a...

    R299,99 Select optionsQuick View
  • Bova Ranger Safety Boots

    Choose your style with Bova Ranger Safety Boots. Available in classic black or nutria (brown), these boots not only...

    R529,99 Select optionsQuick View
  • Bova Swat Safety Boot (71561)

    In the world of demanding work environments, the Bova Swat Safety Boot (71561) is your ultimate choice for both...

    R1249,99 Select optionsQuick View
  • CAT Invader Steel Toe – Black

    Our Cat Invader Steel Toe Work Shoe is equipped with a rugged rubber outsole that provides unbeatable traction, giving...

    R2199,00 Select optionsQuick View
  • Dot Argon Safety Boot – Black

    With its sleek black design and availability in various sizes, the Dot Argon Safety Boot is the perfect combination...

    R349,99 Select optionsQuick View
  • Dot Chelsea Boot – Brown

    With a robust 200 j steel toe cap, the Dot Chelsea Boot stands as an unwavering protector of your...

    R599,99 Select optionsQuick View
  • Dot JCB Chelsea Boot – Brown

    Embrace sophistication and durability with the DOT JCB Chelsea Boot. Crafted from premium full-grain leather, every pair represents timeless...

    R1299,99 Select optionsQuick View
  • Dot JCB Jogger Safety Boot – Black

    In a world where protection meets fashion, the Dot JCB Jogger Safety Boot takes center stage. These boots redefine...

    R949,99 Select optionsQuick View
  • Dot Xenon Safety Boot – Brown

    In today's demanding work environments, the Dot Xenon Safety Boot redefines what it means to feel safe and comfortable....

    R399,99 Select optionsQuick View
  • Ella Daisy Ladies Safety Shoe – Black/Pink

    Tired of fumbling with laces and buckles on your work boots? The Ella Daisy ladies safety shoe is here...

    R649,00 Select optionsQuick View
  • Ella Jasmine Ladies Safety Shoe – Black/Pink

    Step into a world of absolute comfort and safety with the Ella Jasmine Ladies Safety Shoe. Designed to provide...

    R599,00 Select optionsQuick View
  • Ella Lily Ladies Safety Shoe – Black/Pink

    Stay on your feet comfortably for longer hours with the Ella Lily Ladies Safety Shoe. The extra soft breathable...

    R599,00 Select optionsQuick View
  • Hi-Tec Interceptor Askari Mid

    When it's time to step up your work game, trust in the Hi-Tec Interceptor Askari Mid to lead the...

    R559,99 Select optionsQuick View
  • Hi-Tec Interceptor Kusini Boot

    Safety shouldn't come at the cost of comfort. Meet the Hi-Tec Interceptor Kusini Boot, your key to a happy...

    R250,00 Select optionsQuick View
  • Hi-Tec Interceptor Razer – Black

    Tired of compromising on safety and comfort? The Hi-Tec Interceptor Razer is your answer. This rugged and hardworking safety...

    R429,99 Select optionsQuick View
  • Hi-Tec Interceptor Teleza Chelsea

    Imagine having your feet dry and comfortable throughout even the most challenging workdays. Thanks to the moisture-wicking lining, the...

    R899,99 Select optionsQuick View
  • Jonsson Ankle Gumboot – Black

    When it's you against the elements, trust in Jonsson Ankle Gumboots – Black to shield you from the dirt,...

    R399,99 Select optionsQuick View
  • Jonsson Energy Shoes

    Experience the perfect blend of style, comfort, and safety with Jonsson Energy Shoes. Crafted with precision, these shoes are...

    R499,99 Select optionsQuick View
  • Jonsson General Purpose Gumboots – Black

    When it's time to tackle tough, wet conditions, rely on Jonsson General Purpose Gumboots in classic black. These boots...

    R289,99 Select optionsQuick View
  • Jonsson SABS Gumboots – Bottle Green

    At Awerbuchs, we present the Jonsson SABS Gumboots in bottle green, where safety meets style. These gumboots are designed...

    R389,99 Select optionsQuick View
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Affordable Prices

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Quality Brands

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